The Business Experience – This experience will teach youth to link their future goals and success through proactive financial planning. Topics will include learning about managing their personal finances, investing and entrepreneurship.

Career Management – This experience will provide youth with exposure to help identify, acquire, and expand their skills that are integral to gaining employment and being successful in the future. The main components of this program will be resume writing, job search and the opportunity to job shadow professionals.

Trade Skills Program – This experience will provide youth with exposure to various trade skills industries, and promote the value of professional technical and trade skills. Participant of this program will have the opportunity to perform the task related to the trades industry

Social Services/Philanthropy – This experience will teach participants the principles of philanthropy. The program will endow youth with a sense of responsibility to others by encouraging them to take leadership roles by participating in and taking ownership of their communities. Youth will assist in the initiatives of the ELCS; creating and implementing their own initiatives, as well as other initiatives within the community

Information Technology – This experience will familiarize participants with the impact of Information Technology (IT) within their lives and how to use the ever-changing technology to their advantage. The participant will explore the impact technology has on business and society and the personal lives.

Legal program – This experience will promote law-related education by building partnerships with educators, of the law, legal professionals. The program is designed to foster responsible civic action through cooperative learning about the Canadian legal system and how to apply the law to the various aspects of their lives for business and domestic issues.

Politics/Debate Program – This experience will promote engagement in the democratic process by learning about the significance of politics and the art of persuasion. This program will foster critical thinking and conflict resolution abilities in its participants while empowering youth to express themselves effectively. Additionally, they will see the importance and role of politics and debate in their lives.

Health and Wellness Program – This experience will be designed to teach youth about the importance of maintaining personal health and fitness. Participants will learn about nutrition, drug abuse, healthy living and gain exposure to the health and wellness industry, which include the medical & fitness profession.

Communications, Media & Entertainment – This experience will provide pragmatic preparation for the dynamics of human interaction and exposure to the fields of communications, media, and entertainment. Youth will learn about radio, television, Internet and print media and how to effectively use these methods of communication within various business industries.

All of the experiences described above will provide learning opportunities through interactive discussions and debates, guest speakers, field trips, literature, mentorship, and practical experiences.
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