The mission of the ROPE Alumni Association is to provide a support system to ROPE alumni that results in completing high school and culminates in the students’ success in college/university.

To support this mission, the administration has designed a series of mentoring experiences. These experiences are a year-by-year plan that addresses the different challenges that students face during high school and the years at college.

ROPE program cares for and supports its alumni students in the following ways:

Career Guidance
• Hold career services workshops
• Edit resumes and cover letters

Academic Support
• Follow up on academic progress
• Identify campus resources (i.e. academic advising and tutoring centers)

Resource Counsel
• Help identify scholarship, grant and loan opportunities
• Point students toward extracurricular activities, study abroad and other opportunities

Emotional & Social Support
• Communicate regularly with students via phone, email, social networking, and campus visits
• Offer general advice and tips throughout the college experience

Providing Mentorship and Life Experiences to the Next Generation